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5 Burning Questions From ‘The Avengers’

The Avengers comes out on Blu-ray Tuesday. I for one am looking forward to watching it repeatedly and — nerd alert! — analyzing every aspect of it. It’s been a few months since I last saw the film, and there are nonetheless 5 lingering questions I’ve from the transfer that I hope I will discover solutions to after watching each the Blu-ray and the particular options. See in the event you agree.

Men's Marvel Silver Surfer Desgin Long Sleeve Tee ShirtWithin the put up-credit scene of Thor, we noticed Dr. Erik Selvig assembly Nick Fury underneath, what we will assume was, the underground facility of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury confirmed Selvig the Tesseract and informed him about its limitless power. In the wall reflection next to Selvig we all of a sudden saw a brusied and battered Loki step into view. We soon learned that Loki was controlling Selvig’s mind, which led me to believe he would use Selvig to gain access to the cube in the Avengers. However, the opening of The Avengers showed Loki meeting with the other and receiving the spear before returning to Earth. My question is, how did he travel across space from Earth without the Tesseract or the Bifrost It seemed a bit of confusing to me since I assumed he was already on Earth to begin with. I figured that was the purpose of exhibiting him within the Thor submit-credit scene.

In each Iron Man and Iron Man 2 we obtained glimpses of Captain America’s shield in Tony Stark’s work room, extra so within the sequel. It seemed as if Stark was designing a new updated version of the shield for Cap, but we never saw any of his prototypes in the Avengers. It appeared as though Steve Rogers was using the standard shield he used in Captain America: The first Avenger. But based on the appearance of the shield in the two Iron batman arkham origins joker t shirt sale Man motion pictures, I hoped for a cool new design; possibly lock-on focusing on for shield throwing accuracy or a retrieval system that calls the shield again if its fallen or thrown someplace. Marvel had the right probability to tie these appearances in with this film, particularly contemplating that Stark’s father, Howard Stark, was accountable for designing Rogers’ original shield.

It seems there are a variety of questions regarding how the two Asgardians, Thor and Loki, acquired to Earth. When Thor was stranded on Asgard at the top of Thor, I, like most individuals, questioned why Marvel selected to do that. Lots of people stated that if Marvel spent any time within the Avengers bringing Thor again to Earth, it could be a waste of valuable film time. Properly, followers received their wish, and Thor magically appeared on the wing of the aircraft carrying Loki in the Avengers.

When Loki and Thor had their little exchange shortly thereafter, Loki asked Thor how much dark matter the All-Father (Odin) had to conjure up to send him back to Earth…and that was it. I assumed that Marvel’s choice to depart Thor on Asgard was as a result of there was going to be a scene within the Avengers dedicated to bringing him again. In spite of everything, we noticed Jane Foster and her workforce gathering knowledge and star maps at the top of Thor in an try to seek out him. It will have been good to see S.H.I.E.L.D. use her analysis to search out one other manner of opening the portal between Earth and Asgard. Having Thor reappear because of darkish matter felt like a cop out. How come when Thor asked Heimdel if Earth was lost at the tip of Thor the Asgardian gate keeper didn’t just come out and say, “Hell no. We bought dark matter, baby!”

What made this character great was Mark Ruffalo’s interpretation of Bruce Banner. He lastly introduced a depth to the character we did not get from Eric Bana batman arkham origins joker t shirt sale and Edward Norton, the 2 earlier actors who portrayed Dr. Banner. Ruffalo was the star of the movie, I felt, and Marvel could be nuts not to give the Hulk another solo movie with Ruffalo leading the best way. Having mentioned that, I was torn at the tip when Banner returned and grew to become the Hulk to battle alongside the rest of the Avengers. On the one hand, I was amped to finally see the Hulk portrayed as a true hero. Yes, we bought that in the Unimaginable Hulk, but I didn’t really feel as satisfied then as I did this time round. Possibly because in this one we lastly noticed the Hulk defending people from a true enemy, whereas in the final film I felt it was extra of a cage struggle between Hulk and the Abomination. But the one thing I was inquisitive about within the Avengers was how was the Hulk in a position to manage himself at the tip What stopped him from smashing fellow Avengers like Captain America or Black Widow I’m not going to harp on this because I beloved having the Hulk portrayed as a hero lastly, but it was nonetheless one thing I left the theater questioning.

This is a minor thing, but one I could not assist however wonder about. At the top of the movie, when Loki and Thor return to Asgard, why is Loki sporting a Hannibal-Lecter-kind mask While Loki is the god of mischief, we’ve seen no evidence in these movies that he can forged any spells or curses like he does in the comics, so was it simply to shut him up More than likely. It was a cool mask, but I felt it was used more for aesthetic functions than anything.

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