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Pink Hood Is a superb Addition For Batman

Last week, GameStop basically let a very huge cat out of the bag for Batman: Arkham Knight, announcing an exclusive Red Hood story pack for the game. For those who are unaware, there can be an exclusive Red Hood Story Pack for gamers who pre-order the game at GameStop. This feature is an addition to the standard pre-order bonus downloadable content story pack for Harley Quinn. I was very glad to hear that Crimson Hood could be included in the game as a result of Crimson Hood and the story of Jason Todd are excellent for the Batman: Arkham franchise.

Initially, I used to be a little bit disappointed to hear that Harley Quinn was the pre-order bonus playable character for the game. It sounded like batman t shirt buy online payment she would have a story mission to supplement the game-similar to Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City. I like Quinn as a character, but I was not as interested in enjoying as her for this installment. Quinn was already a serious batman t shirt buy online payment character in previous games, and that i wished to see different characters incorporated into the story gameplay. For me, Red Hood is just what the doctor ordered.

In the comics, the modern iteration of Red Hood was the resurrected Jason Todd, who previously wore the mantle of Robin as Batman’s sidekick. In the seminal 1980s story “A Death in the Family,” Joker murdered Jason Todd. This demise haunted Batman for many years earlier than Todd’s eventual return from the useless. After coming back to life, Todd adopted the mantle of Crimson Hood. Ironically, Crimson Hood was Joker’s alter-ego before he fell into a vat of chemicals and turned The Joker. A significant theme of this game is what happens to a man’s liked ones when he goes to war. So the question is, what position does Purple Hood play in the game Based on the promotional picture launched by GameStop, this version of the Red Hood is Jason Todd. In the comics, Purple Hood is a more ruthless and brutal vigilante whose philosophy of crime-combating is extremely completely different from Batman’s. The two clash over these ideals.

Because the information of Pink Hood as a character in the game is now official, I now consider Crimson Hood could be eradicated as a potential suspect for the Arkham Knight antagonist. Obviously, the presence of Purple Hood as a playable character in a story DLC means there is no method he can also be the Arkham Knight. Then batman t shirt buy online payment once more, I might be completely off about that, and this might just be another pink herring to throw fans off.

Earlier than fans freak out about another unique pre-order bonus character, I am fairly certain this character shall be accessible later for different avid gamers. Pink Hood is solely only a free pre-order bonus character for GameStop solely. Batman: Arkham Knight will probably be available in 2015 for the PlayStation four, Xbox One and Windows Pc.