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Venom Vs Bane

Venom, deadpool youth t shirt womens if something, his tremendous powers give him the benefit over Bane. If it is a straight up struggle, I am optimistic the symbiote would win as a result of Bane usally solely has his venom and his naked fingers. Whereas Bane is ready to raise about 2 tons, three tons if he goes beserk. Which that wouldn’t do that each one much since Venom has walked away from fighting the Juggernaut.

If Bane has time to prepare he may win the battle. Since considered one of Bane’s greatest strengths is his intelligence and he tries to prepare for his enemies(virtually like Batman). His most notable demonstration of that is when he stalked Batman for weeks(it might need been months however my reminiscence is fuzzy) to determine his secret identification and formulate a plan to interrupt him. Which after that started deadpool youth t shirt womens Knightfall. So if Bane did one thing much like Venom, then he’d undoubtedly uses Venom’s weakness to sound to his advantage.

So briefly, no prep time: deadpool youth t shirt womens Venom. Prep time; Bane but in all probability heavily injured.

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