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Putting in Packages For Atom On Home windows

Right now this will likely be a fast tutorial about putting in packages in atom for Windows machines. Atom is an open source code editor that is comprised of han solo tee shirt over 50 open-source packages. Think of it as if sublime text and notepad++ had a baby and it just turned out to be awesome.

In an effort to download your version simply go to https://atom.io/ Since that is an open supply software you’re allowed to customise the Atom code editor to you particular wants. There is a large open supply developer neighborhood that has created many packages to will increase your coding productiveness movement.

So there are two ways to install a package in atom. The first approach(which form of sucks) is to go through the gui.

GUI Approach
You may go to the File menu >Settings to open up the settings configuration for Atom.

Or Press the buttons ctrl+shift+p (all at the same time) and a search menu seems. Within the search menu sort the key phrases Set up packages and click on Settings View:Set up Packages and Themes

Within the search bar sort within the title of the package deal you wish to obtain. I don’t like putting in package deal han solo tee shirt this manner since you ending han solo tee shirt have a list of packages that you are not really in search of. I like going by the command line to install packages

Command Line Approach
Navigate to the windows command be taught. By default you are taken to the path C:\Windows\system32

Change the path to
next type in

with the intention to activate the Atom Package deal Supervisor
You should see something like this:

then sort the code
And that’s it! You’re done and you’ve got elevated your productiveness by a a thousand!