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Mera (New Earth)

Mera was once an undersea queen in an alien otherworldly dimension commonly referred to as Dimension Aqua. Several years ago, a criminal named Leron seized control of the kingdom and deposed Queen Mera. Exiled from her kingdom, Mera fled Dimension Aqua for the Earth dimension whereupon she met the Atlantean sea-king, Aquaman. Aquaman and his sidekick, Aqualad, vowed to help Mera in any means potential. Leron pursued Mera to Earth, and managed to seize her together with Aquaman. He introduced them again to Dimension Aqua the place they have been imprisoned. Aided by the water sprite referred to as Quisp, Aquaman managed to free Mera and defeat Leron. However, moderately than return to the throne to her kingdom, Mera elected to return to Atlantis with Aquaman.[1]

As Mera continued to share in adventures with the sea-king, the two began to fall in love. The two were soon wed and Mera lived with Aquaman on the Atlantean Royal Palace.[2]

Earlier than long, Mera gave delivery to Aquaman’s son, whom they named Arthur Curry, Jr.aka, Aquababy.[3]
Less than two years later, Mera suffered the best tragedy in her life. Aquaman’s nemesis Black Manta kidnapped Arthur Curry, Jr. and confined inside of a translucent tank full of poison.[4] The baby lapsed into a coma and Mera embarked upon an ambitious crusade to save him. She discovered the means to return to Dimension Aqua and fought towards the tyrant Leron as a way to study the location of a particular healing machine. She found that Leron had taken all of jeremy renner hawkeye shirt ebay Mera’s possessions and forged them away into the good Pit. Mera braved the pit and fought in opposition to elemental monsters in an effort to retrieve the device. Her quest proved successful, but as she returned dwelling to Atlantis, she found that she was too late. Arthur Curry, Jr. had died.[5]

This finally led Mera to suffer a nervous breakdown. She abandoned her husband Aquaman, blaming his “weak genes” for Arthur, Jr.’s dying. It was her perception that had her son been born of a man from her dimension, then he would have been robust sufficient to outlive Black Manta’s assault. Their marriage dissolved, Aquaman left Atlantis, however Mera stayed behind. Her psychological acknowledged continued to deteriorate till lastly, one of many interim rulers, Lord Wexus had her dedicated to the AHARD-1 hospital heart. She remained there for a number of months till such time that Aquaman returned to repel an invasion pressure of large jellyfish. Aquaman tried to make peace with Mera, however she savagely attacked him. Whereas trying to defend himself, Aquaman unintentionally pushed Mera too hard, impaling her upon an upturned piece of metal. Believing her dead, Aquaman had her placed inside a coffin and taken to the royal palace. However, as Mera is not native to this dimension, her vital organs are usually not located in the identical place as a traditional human’s. She in reality survived being impaled and rose from her coffin. With nothing extra to say to Aquaman, Mera left the Earth realm and returned to Dimension Aqua.[6]

Blackest Night time
Mera was chosen because the deputy for the Pink Lantern Corps throughout the Blackest Night storyline and after the battle Carol Ferris was able to use her ring’s power to keep Mera alive long enough for Saint Walker to remove the destructive effects of the Crimson Ring from her body with his Blue Lantern Ring. Afterwards she is happily reunited with her husband who was one of many individuals resurrected by the ability of the White Lantern Corps.

Brightest Day
Through the occasions of Brightest Day Mera and Aquaman rekindled their love and the 2 started to work collectively, notably saving a gaggle of kids from abduction, however they’re confused as Aquaman can summon zombie version of marine wildlife. Soon after she is forced to reveal to Aquaman her true history, that she was originally sent to kill him.

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Alien Physiology – Amphibian: Although not overtly seen, Mera possesses a set of gills, which permits her to extract oxygen from the encircling setting enabling her to breathe underwater. Mera may also breathe in an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, but only for limited periods of time.
Dimensional Travel: Mera has the ability to travel between her native world of Dimension Aqua and the Earth realm. Her aptitude with this power has not always been consistent, and there have been occasions when Mera has been compelled to search out an alternate recourse for crossing the boundaries.[7]
Hydrokinesis: Mera possesses the flexibility to extend the density of water inside her instant neighborhood for a large number of effects. This means permits her to create “hard water” objects, reshaping volumes of water into simple geometric shapes. Mera commonly makes use of this power to create water missiles, which she projects towards a selected target.
Enhanced Durability: In addition to her ability to perpetually exist underwater, Mera also possesses enhanced density and muscle mass, allowing her to outlive at ocean depths that may show unsafe for normal people.
Enhanced Energy: Because of her highly effective physiology her energy far exceeds that of humans allowing her to utilize this energy above water to topple obstacles and opponents.
Telepathy: Mera possesses a limited diploma of telepathy, which allows her to communicate with other Atlantean beings. Not like Aquaman however, Mera can’t use this skill to speak with decrease order marine life.

– Swimming
– Hand-to-Hand Fight (Superior)
Psychological Sickness: Throughout her adult life, Mera has needed to deal with bouts of mental instability. This started after suffering a nervous breakdown following the demise of her son and continued for a few years. She was remanded to the care of the Atlantis Well being and Rehabilitation Department and remained a patient at one in every of their facilities until lastly returning to her native dimension. It has additionally been suggested that extended publicity to this actuality might have altered Mera’s brain chemistry, exacerbating her extended mental well being points.
Vulnerability to guide: Publicity to guide will rob Mera of her exhausting-water powers.[1]

– Though this character was originally launched throughout DC’s Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the occasions of the jeremy renner hawkeye shirt ebay 1985-86 restricted collection Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some parts of the character’s Pre-Crisis history might have been altered or removed for Submit-Disaster New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.

– Mera is also known because the Queen of Atlantis, Queen Mera.
Advisable Reading

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