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Calcium Hydroxide Negative effects

100% Cotton hawkman logo Short Sleeve Custom Casual Children's T-shirtCalcium hydroxide, also referred to as lime milk or slaked lime, is a compound typically found in industrial merchandise, reminiscent of solvents, cement or cleansing agents. Ingesting, inhaling or touching toxic substances that contain calcium hydroxide might trigger extreme negative effects. Search immediate medical care in the event you develop any of the unwanted effects associated with calcium hydroxide poisoning.

Upset Stomach
Ingesting calcium hydroxide might trigger significant damage or irritation alongside your gastrointestinal tract. Chances are you’ll experience unwanted effects of nausea, vomiting or extreme abdominal pain. Ingesting calcium hydroxide might trigger burns alongside the inside of your digestive tract. Intestinal injury can also result in inside bleeding, which can trigger you to excrete bloody stools or vomit small quantities of blood. These negative effects of calcium hydroxide poisoning require emergency medical attention to keep away from additional, life-threatening complications.

Breathing Difficulties
Respiratory tract irritation attributable to inhaling substances containing calcium hydroxide may lead to breathing difficulties, MedlinePlus reports. Your throat could start to swell, making it harder for oxygen to reach your lungs. Extreme breathing problems may also result in a sudden decrease in your blood strain, which can result in fainting.

Eye, Nostril or Throat Irritation
Calcium hydroxide fumes may irritate your eyes, nose or throat. Eye irritation could trigger blurred vision or non permanent reverse flash tee shirts 80 vision loss. You may also develop a painful burning sensation in your eyes, nostril, mouth or throat, the University of Maryland Medical Heart warns. Eye or nostril irritation could trigger you to frequently rub or scratch these regions of your body, whereas throat irritation could trigger you to cough or repeatedly clear your throat.

Pores and skin Rash or Burn
Pores and skin publicity to calcium hydroxide could trigger pores and skin-associated side effects. You may develop painful burns or pores and skin lesions throughout pores and skin areas that come in contact with this toxic substance. Severe pores and skin harm may lead to the reverse flash tee shirts 80 death of your skin cells, a aspect impact known as necrosis. If pores and skin necrosis occurs, you may develop open pores and skin lesions or holes that expose tissue beneath your pores and skin. Consult a medical skilled as quickly as doable if any of those unintended effects occur after you come in contact with calcium hydroxide.