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I’m going to Have A Previous

The Red Hood first appeared in Detective Comics #168 “The Man Behind the Red Hood (February 1951). In it, Joker attempted to relive his time as the Red Hood after Batman and Robin held a presentation at a faculty on learn how to do detective sleuthing, though a gardener had managed to ambush him and stole his costume. Batman ultimately stopped the Red Hood, although he deduced the man who used the costume was an imposter. Joker then revealed that he had been the Red Hood of the past, and defined that he had supposed to steal over a million dollars from his boss on the Ace Chemicals Plant after which retire, however then Batman interfered. He ultimately survived falling into the vat by way of a special apparatus in his Pink Hood that allowed him to retain oxygen and swam all the best way back. When he obtained back to his dwelling, and eliminated his Crimson Hood, he observed that his body had been discolored from exposure to the chemicals, and determined to undertake the identity of The Joker.

The Red Hood.
The Red Hood’s origin was later revisited in Batman: The Killing Joke. Like in the above comedian, the Joker was the Red Hood throughout that point, although it was revealed that he was not the only real holder of the identification (and in fact, was simply the latest to hold the title), and he had extra sympathetic and tragic motivations for changing into it: A man named Jack had a pregnant spouse, Jeannie, and so they lived in a rundown tenement on the far aspect of Gotham Metropolis. In a desperate effort for cash to offer for his household attributable to his dream job of being a comedian that turned out poorly, Jack resorted to a life of crime and placed himself in mob affairs. One evening, the mob hired two men to kill Jack. The men let Jack do their wishes below the alias The Red Hood. His costume consisted of a large domed crimson helmet and a crimson cape. In the course of the robbery, the plant’s safety guards spot the intruders and shot the opposite criminals useless. The engineer tried to flee, however Batman appeared and cornered him on the plant’s catwalk. Terrified, he jumped off the catwalk into the chemical basin to flee, swam to freedom, and survived due to a particular respiratory apparatus that was constructed into the helmet. The toxins in the vat permanently and grotesquely disfigured him, and turned his hair green, his skin white, and his lips crimson. Upon discovering that, Jack went insane, and grew to become The Joker. On a related notice, how Jack discovered the deformity was altered from the above comic, as he was shown to have discovered it nearly instantly afterwards, and was even proven to be in agony from publicity to the chemicals in addition to confused as to why he burned and itched throughout earlier than he seen his new look. After they believed Jack to be useless, the mob then employed a corrupt police officer to take his spouse out. He succeeded, and Jack’s spouse, together with their unborn baby, burned to demise in an alleged “accidental” electric fire. That each one occured as Edward Nashton watched in horror. Jack became The Joker and formed a short alliance with Nashton to seek for the corrupt cop who killed his spouse. Strangely sufficient, Joker himself was reluctant to admit that this iteration of his story was definitive, and said: “Typically I remember it a technique, typically one other… if I’ll have a previous, I choose it to be multiple choice!”

The only other occasion that the Joker ever took up the identity of the Red Hood again was after star trek 50th t shirt menu his latest scheme had been thwarted. After he sought to restore confidence in his abilities, the Joker donned the domed helmet and tuxedo of the Red Hood again and committed a criminal offense in Batman #450 (1990).

4 years later, the Red Hood costume lastly ended up behind glass on show within the Batcave, as glimpsed in Batman #506.

The Second Purple Hood
Jason Todd as the Red Hood.

Principal article: Jason Todd
Jason Todd, one of many Robins, was murdered by the unique Crimson Hood or more commonly known as the Joker. When Superboy-Prime altered reality, Jason returned from the grave. After he was enraged that Batman didn’t avenge him, Jason positioned the Joker, stole the Red Hood outfit (but not before he beat him brutally), and took up the mantle of the second Crimson Hood. He used aggression and concern to regulate sturdy gangs and the mob, and supposedly saved town. Jason was then discovered of his actions by Batman. They argued over their theories of crime-preventing via fight, and Jason ultimately confirmed his face and confirmed Batman’s suspicion.

In Different Media

The Red Hood appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, “Deep Cover for Batman!” and was voiced by Jeff Bennett. That version was a heroic alternate reality version of The Joker. Like the Joker, that Crimson Hood was disfigured after he fell into a chemical vat at the Ace Chemical Plant. In his case, he was already a superhero and was actively dropped in by Owlman. Nevertheless, his sanity was stated to have been “bent, however not damaged.” Purple Hood then tried to rally his world’s heroes (alternate variations of the villains from the “regular” universe) towards the Injustice Syndicate, however they have been defeated. Purple Hood escaped and tried to make use of a system to recruit help from an alternate Earth (Batman’s Universe), but he was captured by the Syndicate.

After Batman was attacked by his alternate-reality doppelganger, Owlman (sent to Batman’s universe on a reconnaissance mission), he journeyed to Crimson Hood’s dimension. During scenes in that episode, the Red Hood’s face was shown, but was in shadow, which showed a bit of green hair, white skin, and a wide grin that clearly resembled the Joker. After the heroes had been freed and the villains had been defeated, Crimson Hood thanked Batman and hoped that his counterpart could return the favor. Sure enough, in the next episode, “Game Over for Owlman,” Batman was compelled to group-up with the Joker with the intention to defeat Owlman, who impersonated Batman and ruined his status in his absence.

That Pink Hood was proven to be an especially succesful fighter, and was ready to carry his personal towards a number of members of the Injustice Syndicate. In addition, he wielded projectile weapons that were shaped like spades (a reference to his alternate universe counterpart’s playing card motif).

Animated Film
Crimson Hood appeared in the DC Animated Film, Batman: Under the Red Hood, that was based mostly on the graphic novel. Here, it was talked about that a number of criminals had worn the guise of the Red Hood in addition to The Joker and Jason Todd. Jason’s Pink Hood was voiced by Jensen Ackles. A flashback additionally implied that the Joker (or somewhat, the man who turned the Joker) was pressured into committing the heist.

Video Video games
Batman: Arkham Origins

Outside of The Joker’s presence in the plot (and his psychiatric evaluation), the Red Hood was alluded to on the crime-board in the Batcave, which was listed below the second row, as well as on a separate billboard. Based on the data, in addition to the Red Hood’s position within the Ace Chemicals Heist, the Red Hood additionally had undergone a number of daring heists and main scores. His schemes have been detrimental sufficient to Gotham Metropolis for Mayor Hill to make the apprehension of Purple Hood a excessive precedence for the GCPD. He additionally struck once more someday later by taking $300K value of money, which lead to Kale to promise to unmask Crimson Hood, although some notes on the crime-board indicated that Batman wasn’t certain if star trek 50th t shirt menu that was really Crimson Hood who did it. His actions ended up costing Gotham $1,000,000, a minimum of at the time that the report was made. Commissioner Loeb later claimed that Purple Hood was “run out of town.” Batman additionally speculated whether or not Pink Hood was in truth a number of criminals who used the moniker. Someday after that, the Red Hood case went chilly.

Batman: Arkham Knight
When Jason Todd was unmasked because the Arkham Knight after his confrontation with Batman, he started to appreciate that Bruce was truly sorry for what had happened to him with the Joker. Jason tracked Batman after he surrendered to Scarecrow’s demands. Jason, as the Red Hood, disarmed Scarecrow just as he prepared to kill Bruce and then freed him with a effectively-aimed shot to his restraints, and allowed the latter to subdue Scarecrow with his personal Concern Toxin.

Later on, Purple Hood started his work on taking down Roman Sionis, Black Mask; and interrogated a number of of his decrease class henchmen. Purple Hood managed to take down a gun shipment, discovered that Sionis was holed up in his workplace and began on his means there. Arriving, he simply dispatched the goons and cornered Black Mask. Sionis continuously pleaded with Crimson Hood for his life, and offered him drugs, money, weapons, and even promised to leave Gotham and go anywhere that he wanted. Crimson Hood’s response: “How about you go to Hell!” Before he left, Jason added: “Say hi to Joker for me.” before he set off into the streets.