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Demise BATTLE! Chapter 16: Deadpool V Deathstroke, A X-overs Fanfic

Author’s Note(s): To these of my viewers who imagine that I’ve got my info wrong you may be proper I stuck with the original writings of those two fighters. Additionally the Deathroke featured in this episode has the same ‘voice’ as Slade from Teen Titans. As for the ultimate battle only a warning it is longer then most and there’s so much o’ violence you’ve been warned.

Deadpool: The merc with a mouth…
(Deadpool battles a small group of thugs chopping them down with his swords)

Deathstroke: The world’s greatest assassin…
(Deathstroke and Batman are seen preventing on a cargo provider)

“Each of our combatants immediately are legendary and everybody wants to know who would win in a battle to dying. We’re considering every potential outcome of their regenerative abilities and martial arts abilities. To make this a fair battle have been utilizing the weapons that they are most famous for. So no wickedly over down arsenals this battle will consist of swords, pistols and their secondary signature weapons.” MKFreak mentioned.

“For Deadpool his secondary weapon would be his Sai and Deathstroke will carry into battle his Bo. On with their stats both are incredibly muscular and in tiptop shape. Lets take a look at their stats now.” Marley said.

Origin: Marvel Comics
Height: 6’2″

Weight: 210 lbs.
Armor: None

Peak: 6’four”
Weight: 225 lbs.

Armor: Kevlar Vest w/. Plates & Steel Helmet
Both of those assassin’s come geared up with arsenals designed for one purpose to kill, Deadpool’s quick range weapon(s) of selection are his signature swords

Twin Katanas:
Length: 28.5 Inches

Weight: 5 Lbs.
Stats: Execs-Deadpool is a skilled swordsman he can even deflect automatic fireplace, swords brief compact dimension permit for more versatility Cons-Smaller dimension leaves him with restricted assault range

“Lengthy before he grew to become Deadpool, Wade Wilson joined an elite team of mutants to infiltrate a terrorists stronghold. In one point on this mission he faced off in opposition to a squad of machine gun toting gangsters. He can deflect automatic hearth and is skilled sufficient to take on numerous thugs at once. He did all of this long earlier than his transportation into the deadly merc with a mouth.” MKFreak explained.

(Wade Wilson aka Deadpool runs into a room full of thugs armed with machine guns jumping round swinging his katanas deflecting bullets right here and there earlier than chopping a single bullet in half hitting two thugs behind him)

Deathstroke retaliates along with his own ninja skills and most popular slasher
The Tactical Ninja Sword:

Length: 27 Inches
Weight: 6 Lbs.

Stats: Execs-Much like his counterpart(Deadpool) Deathstroke is an extremely expert swordsman and martial arts master; fought Batman to a standstill Cons-Shorter left with smaller assault range

“Deathstroke is without doubt one of the world’s biggest assassins he’s fought Batman to standstill and even fought and defeated Tim Drake aka Robin on multiple occasions. His expertise stem from his longevity. He is lived for decades because of Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. Along with his signature weapon the Tactical Ninja Sword he is almost unstoppable.” Marley defined.

(Deathstroke walks in direction of The Dark Knight drawing his Tactical Ninja Sword only to have it shot in half twice by Deadshot, stopping to look at his sword earlier than turning round pointing directly via Deadshot’s scope)

After examining each fighters swords which do our specialists imagine gets the edge
“This is going to be tough for me to determine but I have to give my edge to Deadpool though each are extremely expert fighters he is received two swords at his disposal.” Marley stated.

“Two Swords versus One though I usually would facet with the easier approach of combating Deadpool is a skilled swordsman even with only one sword also if he looses one sword he still has another for a backup, edge: Deadpool.” MKFreak stated.

After a again and forth debate Deadpool takes the edge in brief vary weapons with his Twin Katanas
Developing our experts evaluate these two legendary assassins well-known firearms. Subsequent Deadpool’s devious daggers face off in opposition to Deathstroke’s signature workers. Afterwards Two legendary assassins meet in the ultimate duel to demise. Ultimately just one will be the Deadliest Warrior of Fiction…!
Every time not reducing down his enemies with swords Deadpool can at all times rely on his pistols

Mark 23 SOCOM Pistols:
Magazine: 12 Rounds Each(96 Rounds In Complete)

Ammunition: .45 ACP
Charge of Hearth: Semi-Computerized

Muzzle Velocity: 850 Ft/s
Motion: Short recoil, DA/SA

Stats: Execs-Although he is a master of varied Martial Arts and swordsman, Deadpool can also be a talented marksman carry two SOCOM Pistols Cons-Has solely two arms (Can only use one sword and one pistol)

“Deadpool has his swords nevertheless he can also be extremely skilled in t-shirt 1 up mushroom nintendo jp numerous firearms from machine guns, SMGs, shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers. Nevertheless his signature firearms are his Mark 23 SOCOM Pistols. Which can fire 12 .45 ACP rounds every with a Muzzle Velocity of 850 ft per second. He can combine sword and pistol higher then another combatant in fictional history making Hector Barbossa seem t-shirt 1 up mushroom nintendo jp like baby in fight.” Marley stated.

(Deadpool is seen combating dozens of Thugs reducing down two of them together with his katanas earlier than switching to his Mark 23 SOCOM pistols pumping a lot of the thugs with .Forty five ACP rounds)

Deathstroke fires back together with his personal most popular firearms
Beretta 92FS Pistols:

Range: 50 Meters
Magazine: 10 Rounds Each(eighty Rounds in Whole)

Ammunition: 9x19MM Parabellum
Charge of Hearth: 1,250 Ft/s

Action: Quick recoil
Stats: Professionals-Deathstroke can in some way carry as much as four Beretta Pistols, he retains these hidden for those intense conditions Cons-He carries 4 pistols at once lacks energy and magazine capability

“Once more these two fighters are so related. Deathstroke carries 4 Beretta 92FS pistols on him at all times. Every hold 10 9x19MM Parabellum rounds and have a muzzle velocity of 1,250 toes per second. He saves these pistols to either preform surprise fatalities or simply keep them simply in case if he will get into Wild West gunfights.” MKFreak said.

(Deathstroke kicks Superman in the chest twice slashing him a number of times with his Tactical Ninja Sword earlier than drawing one in every of his Beretta 92FS Pistols shooting The Man of Steel within the face spraying blood on the flooring beneath)

Our consultants thought of the strengths and abilities of both fighters and located a tough choice.
“Once more when involves firearms the sting comes all the way down to the abilities of each fighters and with that I’m calling it even.” MKFreak mentioned.

“I completely agree the only distinction is the Beretta’s faster muzzle velocity and the Mark 23 SOCOM’s .45 ACP, edge: even.” Marley mentioned.

In Medium Ranged weaponry the edge is even
With Deadpool within the lead and the ultimate battle nearing both fighters will display their secondary weapons of alternative, Deadpool comes equipped with a legendary farming-software turned deadly martial arts weapon

The Sai:
Length: 18 Inches

Weight: 2 Lbs.
Stats: Execs-Can lure/hook an opponents weapon and disarm them Cons-Designed for Stabbing not SLASHING

“The Sai was traditionally used as a farming device designed to counter the oppressive Samurai. Nevertheless somebody decided to turn them into a weapon and created one of the world’s most well-known martial arts weapons. On with the weapon itself Deadpool can entice and opponents weapons and rip it away from them. The only down side is that it could possibly only stab.” MKFreak stated.

(Deadpool is seen preventing Spider-Man punching him together with his Sais handles earlier than stabbing him in the shoulder with one while stabbing him in the stomach with the latter)

Deathstroke responds to this one-two punch along with his signature staff
The Bo Workers:

Length: 6 Ft
Weight: Underneath 10 Lbs.

Stats: Execs-Together with his martial arts expertise and expendable Bo Employees Deathstroke has fought towards the deadliest warrior in DC History, The Batman Cons-Regardless of his expertise the Bo can solely bludgeon and cannot kill as simply as a dagger or sword

“The Bo is an extremely durable weapon that Deathstroke has come to master. He has used it to maneuver around the Dark Knight himself and can even use it in a dozens of super charged offensive attacks. One in every of the simplest of those super attacks is a jab. Also with enough drive he can even use it to interrupt bones. Or in a manor of defenses spin it quickly in a fan block or knock foes of steadiness.” Marley defined.

(Deathstroke is seen combating Batman blocking a volley Batarangs with a fan block lunging at him with a jab knocking him backwards delivering a hard swing to the back of his head earlier than swinging at his toes with two palms throwing him off steadiness)

For the final time our specialists factored in the strengths and skills of both fighters and located a unique decision.

“Deadpool’s Sai are more instantly lethal, can cause immediate damage and also can disarm opponents. Nevertheless even with all that their nonetheless small the Bo is longer and has an skilled behind it.” Marley mentioned.

“Agreed the overall length and shocking effectiveness of the Bo give it an edge over the simplicity of the Sai, edge: Deathstroke.” MKFreak stated.

For secondary weapons the sting goes to Deathstroke’s Bo Workers
The unimaginable rivalry of two of Fiction’s biggest assassins is coming to a detailed. But, earlier than they battle our specialists factored in the weapons, armor and expertise of each fighters and cannot decide between the two warriors.

Ultimately just one might be the Deadliest Warrior…!
Daly clicks the change and the battle opens as much as Deadpool clad in his signature purple n’ black outfit sitting in a massive Lounge chair drinking a shot of Vodka. As he loosen up a shadowy determine crouched in cover on a rooftop Deathstroke peers through a pair of binoculars spotting Deadpool. He stood up and jumped off the roof landing on the bottom a number of feet from Deadpool. As Deadpool sipped from his class he peered in direction of Deathstroke.

Deadpool: Hola! Welcome to my Hawaiian paradise!
Deathstroke: ‘Laughing’ Idiot! I think you imply Aloha.

Deadpool: No its Hola.
Deathstroke: No it isn’t!

Deadpool: Sure it is!
Deathstroke: What are you some big toddler

Deadpool: I can go on all day buddy.
Deathstroke: Err! You’re pissing me off!

Deadpool laughed at this and went to sip from his drink again. Earlier than he knew it Deathstroke drew one among his Beretta 92FS pistols breaking the glass bottle in his opponents arms.

Deadpool: Actually You would’ve shot me and yet you shoot my drink
Deathstroke growled at this and shot Deadpool in the forehead pointblank. Deadpool shot his head back and leaned up towards his lounge chair. Deathstroke looked at Deadpool with a confused expression and turned away from him. Deathstroke made it a few toes away and reached for the gate opening listening to a thump behind him turning in direction of Deadpool whom had his Mark 23 SOCOM Pistols on the prepared. Deathstroke shortly drew his Beretta 92FS pistols and aimed them at Deadpool. The 2 assassins glared at one another as the digicam panned around each earlier than zooming out.

Each Deadpool and Deathstroke started to fire the pistols in speedy succession. Every narrowly lacking the latter. Deathstroke’s armor protected him towards most and Deadpool smirked as most of Deathstroke’s 9x19MM Parabellum rounds passed through his stomach and chest. Aquaman As the 2 males ran in circles firing their pistols Deathstroke was compelled to stop and reload his Beretta 92FS pistols. Nevertheless Deadpool fired multiple rounds down vary shooting the bottom at Deathstroke’s ft earlier than capturing him in the forehead his helmet deflecting the bullet.

Deadpool threw his pistols to the aspect and drew his Twin Katanas twirling them in a fancy pattern. Deathstroke glared at Deadpool and threw his Beretta 92FS pistols and the ground reaching for his Tactical Ninja Sword. Each males attacked at once swinging their respected swords Deathstroke blocked each of Deadpool’s katanas in a single swing and countered with a slash to Deadpool’s chest slicing deep into his flesh. Deathstroke heard another thumping sound and Deadpool’s wound healed immediately. Deadpool jumped into the air kicking Deathstroke in the face knocking his helmet off whereas swinging his katanas in a speedy succession chopping Deathstroke across the cheek. Pissed off Deathstroke growled at Deadpool and drew a Beretta 92FS pistol firing a flurry of rounds down vary. Deadpool managed to effortlessly deflect these bullets with his katanas. Deathstroke threw his Beretta pistol at Deadpool hitting him within the face before leaping into the air swinging his sword at his opponent. Deadpool managed to block these attacks and kicked Deathstroke backwards before punching him within the throat and head butting him knocking his opponent backwards. Deathstroke spat out blood and sheathed his sword and took out his Bo Staff. Deadpool sheathed his swords and eliminated his Sais from his pockets.

Deathstroke: You are more expert than I imagined.
Deadpool: I already knew that.

Deathstroke: You little turd!
Each males lunged at every clashing dagger and staff neither warrior gaining a distinct benefit over the other. Deathstroke jabbed Deadpool in the face and swung his Bo smacking Deadpool across the face. Deadpool retaliated by wrapping his Sais around Deathstroke’s Bo pulling towards him kicking him in the stomach with little effect before stabbing him within the shoulder with one among his Sais. Deathstroke grit his teeth in pain and swung his Bo blindly cracking into Deadpool’s skull. Deadpool fumbled backwards and shook off the strike throwing his different sai at Deathstroke. His opponent easily blocked this with a fan-block. Deathstroke lunged at Deadpool only to obtain a katana to the chest. Deadpool leapt into the air and spun around swinging his katana swords in speedy succession, nonetheless Deathstroke raised his Bo staff blocking the entire swings. Deathstroke thrust his Bo into Deadpool crouch and slung him over his shoulder. Deadpool’s head crashed by a wall behind him and struggled to remove. Deathstroke tossed his Bo away and unsheathed his Tactical Ninja Sword. Charging in the direction of opponent leaping into the air thrusting his sword by way of Deadpool’s skull. He tore out the sword and was stunned to see Deadpool leap out of the wall swinging his Katanas.

Deadpool and Deathstroke have been engaged in another blow by blow sword combat. Deathstroke swung his sword clockwise solely to have it blocked. He swung his sword counterclockwise however Deadpool jumped into the air bringing his Twin Katanas onto Deathstroke’s shoulders. Deathstroke fumbled backwards and managed to block certainly one of Deadpool’s katanas. He rammed into Deadpool earlier than swinging his tactical ninja sword slashing Deadpool throughout his stomach he brought his sword over his head and let if fly chopping off Deadpool’s left arm. Deadpool swung his sword in rapid succession solely to have them blocked Deathstroke backhanded Deadpool smacking him throughout the face stabbing him within the chest. Deathstroke tore out his sword and leapt into the air bringing his sword down in a one-handed swing decapitating Deadpool. His opponents headless body fell backwards on the floor. He appeared at the physique and took out a cloth cleaning the blood off his sword nevertheless he turned around and was slashed throughout the thigh. Deadpool’s headless body swung his katana a second time reducing Deathstroke’s throat. As blood poured out of his throat Deathstroke struggled to contain the bleeding and was cut off by a swing to the mid-section of his face. Deadpool kicked his opponent in the chest knocking his head t-shirt 1 up mushroom nintendo jp off.

Deadpool’s Head: Hey idiot come over hear!
Deadpool’s body walked over to his head and picked it up strolling again to his lounge chair. It sat down within the chair together with his head in his lap. Deadpool’s physique reached for a bottle of Vodka and put it near his heads lips and let it drink up in victory. Solely to have the vodka pour out of his neck and onto his lap with the looks of peeing his pants.

Deadpool’s Head: Ah What Oh Crap! Dang it! Forgot to attach my head to my physique! Hmm oh nicely.
Deadpool shrugged his shoulders and continued to pour Vodka via his mouth and onto his pants. Not caring in any respect concerning the vodka soaking into his pants.


Twin Katanas: 221
Dual Mark 23 SOCOM Pistols: 187

Sai: 96
WINS: 504

Tactical Ninja Sword: 210

Twin Beretta 92FS Pistols: 165
Bo Staff: 121

WINS: 496
Results: After an extremely shut debate Deadpool ended up winning. Thanks largely in a part of his better regenerative powers and immortality. It was still close contemplating Deathstroke’s armor. Nevertheless ultimately the combination of Deadpool’s Twin Katanas and more powerful pistols allowed him snatch the victory.

“You understand what I am shocked I assumed Deathstroke’s maturity and longevity would beat Deadpool. Ultimately you cannot overlook the ‘Drunken Grasp fashion’ Deadpool dropped at the table and his immortality.” MKFreak said.

Subsequent time on “Deadliest Warrior of Fiction” Two of the Fighting Game genres notorious Villains face-off.

Quan Chi: The Evil Sorcerous of Mortal Kombat…
(Quan Chi fights Kano slamming his Spiked Mace into his foes stomach before leaping onto his shoulders stretching his neck)

M. Bison: Road Fighters infamous Shadow Master…

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