The Smallest Buildings In Britain

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The Smallest Buildings In Britain
Updated on March 7, 2012 Nell Rose moreContact Creator Britain has all the time been identified for its quirky ways, or eccentricity. And being a small island we have now needed to be taught to adapt to the land that now we have been given. There are massive towns and cities, small hamlets and naturally those famous fishing villages alongside the coast. However over the last few years with the rising price of housing, and Britain becoming extra crowded, we now have decided that small is greatest. And once i say small I mean tiny!

Of course not all the small homes or tiny pubs are that small, but there are a number of that will surprise you. Like a race of hobbits trying to find a burrow to sleep in, we, the British won take no for an answer. If we need to dwell someplace then it can simply should be constructed there, or adapted from the encompassing buildings or land.

So here are a number of of the many small and quaint curiosities, from houses to tiny pubs that make us little Britain.

Teeny Tiny Home!
Quay House Conwy Wales
Typically on our cobbled streets, the cobbles just get in the way in which. And do not assist you to when you are trying to build a house. Actually, they can mess up the job fairly nicely! Within the case of Quay Home, I have no idea what occurred! In this case you can blame the cobbles as there are no! What they do have, nonetheless is, or should I say, was, a hole between two buildings. Its mentioned that the builders each started off at the identical time.

One began on the left building, and one on the suitable. They measured the home as they had been constructing it, however somebody did not do their maths! And a hole was left. So, what to do? I know, one of them said, lets build a tiny home within the center! So the 10ft by 6ft Quay Home was born.

The funniest thing about it was that the last resident, was a six foot fisherman named Robert Jones. That should have been one hell of a squeeze!

He really lived there for fifteen years.

The home grew to become unfit to live in, in keeping with the Council, and now the Jones family who nonetheless own it, have turned it right into a museum. The viewing public can see the ground flooring room where there is a tap and stove. And the upstairs that has a tiny bedroom with a bed and a small cabinet.

Discovering the Smallest Churches in Scotland Purchase Now Somerset Mini Library
In Britain at present, we’re dropping our Libraries at a very quick fee. Practically day by day you will note on Tv, another town hit by the Snatch Library Brigade, as I prefer to name them. In different words, the local Councils. Of course there is at all times a good cause for this, based on the Council in charge. However in the event you ask them exactly what they imply, like any Politian or Authorities Minister, they will come out with an argument that simply doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps if they started to take discover of what the people need, then they may agree with our perspective. Leave our Libraries alone. And in Wells Somerset England, the public have taken matters into their very own arms.

Coincidentally, at the identical time the Council closed the library, the native telephone field was additionally closed down. So, with typical English spirit did we take it lying down? Did we heck! The telephone field was shortly converted into a brand new Public Library! Its known as the Book Alternate. The BT owned box was bought to the Westbury Parish Council for . This is not a normal apply as you will understand, particularly at that price! However money had to alternate hands.

The cellphone field now has 4 shelves, and is crammed with finest seller books, cookbooks, DVDs and of course children books. The villagers can go and decide no matter they wish to read or watch at any time of the day. Great concept!

The Theatre of Small Conveniences Malvern Worcestershire

Not all Theatres begin of with grand ideas. This Malvern Victorian Theatre was in truth a gentleman rest room! It wasn’t even built in Victorian occasions, but who cares, it a cute little building. It was founded by a local man who was a Puppeteer back in 1999. The decorations are based mostly on something referred to as commedia dell rte, and the fashion has fresco , gold gilt and purple velvet curtains.

The Theatre is open on Saturday afternoons, and specialises in short puppet shows. It has even had its justifiable share of actors who’ve given intimate performances for a select viewers. As there is only room for six visitors at a time, then it may be mentioned to be very selective!

Once a year it closes for repairs, however for now, its as soon as again open and prepared for the next puppet performance.

The Smallest Pub In Britain
Bury St. Edmunds England has, based on the Guinness Book of Data, received the Smallest Pub In England. It is known as The Nutshell, which I think may be very applicable! This Suffolk pub has been serving Pints ever since 1867.

The bar itself, is 15ft by 7ft. It’s now a major vacationer attraction, and does are inclined to get barely crowded! The customers should buy a good old conventional beer, and at the identical time take in a number of the old images, and browse historic objects. However is it the Smallest Pub in England?

Well, no actually its not!

That great accolade now goes to The Sign Field Inn Cleethorpes.

You would not consider that a pub might get any smaller could you? Effectively, sure it can! The Signal Box is a pub commonly used by individuals who travel on the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway.

Hundreds use this railway, and if everyone tried to squeeze in, there could be a bit of an issue! There is simply room for four seated customers, and two standing!

At just 64 square feet, you have to be a bit tiny your self to enjoy a pint. However the good thing is that the landlord presents five pumps of real ale to slake your thirst. The inn itself dates again to 1900, and was once a signalman’s hut.

Tiny Police Station
Now I know I have never been arrested, but even I do know that police stations are a bit greater than this! Perhaps its for a hobbit! This teeny tiny Police Station, is situated at the south corner of London’s Trafalgar Sq. and in it’s day, only had room for one police officer! Now that is a shock!

Think about walking past this little builiding, again in the previous days, and trying to steal somebody’s purse. Swiftly out pops a police officer! Significantly, this was really utilized in days gone by. It was built again in 1926 and its stated that it was used to control demonstrators.

Its really an old mild fitting. It was hollowed out and then windows have been added in order that the police might keep a birds eye view on you. Trafalgar Sq. has an abundance of pigeon so I get the idea! It additionally had a direct telephone line again to Scotland Yard!

See the light on the highest? Evidently every time the police officer referred to as Scotland Yard, the sunshine would flash on and off, to alert any other policemen that hassle was afoot! Sadly, its now used as a store cupboard for the cleaners of the Square.

So, there you might be. Britain’s Smallest Buildings. Unless, after all you know better!

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sendingAuthorNell Rose three years in the past from England

Thanks Jenn, glad you favored it! nell

Hi Jo, lol! sure we’re aren’t we? a bus stop? wonderful! thanks as at all times, and have an awesome weekend, nell

Hello greatstuff, Wow, I missed that one! its wonderful how pricey these locations are, its silly isn’t it? thanks a lot for reading, nell

Jenn-Anne three years in the past

What fascinating buildings! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jo Alexis-Hagues 3 years in the past from Bedfordshire, U.K

The good old Brits, completely bunkers! However I wouldn’t have it any other approach. 🙂

I watched a Tv program a while in the past in regards to the tiny library, additionally a bus stop in Manchester that was reworked into a miniature house, that should have taken numerous imagination. I really like how the area between the two buildings was made into a home, it will need to have been fairly uncomfortable for the large of a fisherman, but as they say, “an Englishman house is his castle.” Great hub!

Mazlan three years in the past from Malaysia

Nell, I like so as to add to your checklist of Britain’s ‘small is beautiful’ building: Sussex’s narrowest home measuring just 6ft x 21ft, which used to be a donkey cart shed! When property costs are steep. ‘recycling’ is the way forward!

Thanks a lot Peggy, yes I do hope they carry the books again, its an awesome Women’s Desgin Leia Short Sleeve Tops Tees concept! and I can not imagine those police standing in that tiny constructing all day! thanks once more, nell

Peggy Woods 3 years in the past from Houston, Texas

These actually are distinctive buildings of every kind. That last one in Trafalgar Sq. actually is sensible. I guess nowadays there are plenty of cameras that do the same sort of job for surveillance functions. The book trade cellphone booth is nice as lengthy as the folks do return the books or keep exchanging them with others. Good concept! Pinning this to my United Kingdom board and will share with my followers and retweet. I really saw this on twitter!

Hello, ologsinquito, sure its lovely isn’t it? thanks for studying, nell

Hi Arun, I have by no means been to Ipswich, but I hear its lovely, I’m certain your son is having an exquisite time, thanks

lol! Thanks Joan, yes they are lovely aren’t they?

Thanks Carolyn, glad you preferred it, nell

Hi mary, there are a few in my town too, but not that small, but they’re cute aren’t they? thanks as at all times, nell

Thanks so much Phyllis, I like all these little houses, especially the police box!

lol! thanks rebecca, I just noticed the Welsh one and thought wow!

ologsinquito 3 years ago from USA

I actually enjoyed this article. That little home seems so cute.

Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

Such small cozy and attention-grabbing spaces! I love the article and photos.


I’ve loved studying the Attention-grabbing hub. Wonderful tiny buildings, the mini library and other houses! . Wars My son is at present at Ipswich and I know there are such small buildings there as well. In any case small is gorgeous!

JoanCA 3 years ago

I believed my outdated 600 sq ft condo was small. I would love to really see that house.

Carolyn Emerick three years ago

Just loved this one, so cute!

Mary Hyatt three years in the past from Florida

I like small houses, however these “take the cake”. Heaps of folks here in Florida are bored with McMansions and are opting for smaller homes!

Voted UP, and many others. and shared.

Phyllis Doyle Burns 3 years ago from Excessive desert of Nevada.

I really like tiny buildings, especially tiny houses. This can be a enjoyable hub to learn and really interesting, Nell.

Rebecca Mealey 3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

Oh my Gosh, these are so cute! Love the Nutshell tavern! How do you come up with such distinctive matters to put in writing on?

Hi LF, lol! yes that police station! cannot see our police doing that lately! thanks a lot for studying, nell

Hello Vellur, thanks a lot for reading, glad you liked it, nell

Joanna Chandler three years in the past from On planet Earth

WAW! Cute little buildings, the police station took the cake though ha ha ha, but i guess it’s kinda good concept within the sense of no one will expect a police to be in one thing so small. So its like conserving a hidden eyes on issues 🙂

Nithya Venkat 3 years in the past from Dubai

Great hub, enjoyed studying. Amazing mini buildings, love the mini library!! Attention-grabbing and informative, voted up.

Thanks sujaya!

sujaya venkatesh three years ago

for love birds nel

Thanks Audrey, they’re aren’t they? lol! thanks for reading, nell

Thanks heidi, glad you liked it, and sure I am with you on the cleansing! lol!

Audrey Howitt three years in the past from California

Very cool hub! I love them–they’re so quaint!

Heidi Thorne three years in the past from Chicago Area

At least these teeny homes would be quick to clean (I’m all for that!). Another attention-grabbing travel hub!

Thanks chef, lol! I may look out for the bigger ones to put in writing about, but undecided if we have loads over here, they aren’t so much enjoyable because the small ones are they? any up there in Wakefield?

Andrew Spacey three years ago from Close to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK

I loved this information to the mini buildings in the UK, pub and all! Thank you. Are you going for the opposite subsequent? Big buildings?!

AuthorNell Rose three years ago from England

Hello Audrey, thanks so much, and yes! lol! can you think about that?

Audrey Hunt 3 years in the past from Nashville Tn.

Laborious to think about a 6 foot man dwelling in a 10X6 foot house. This hub is pure joy! So glad it is brought back again for me to bask in. Nice job Nell – Up, all throughout and sharing.

Thanks a lot Daisy, yes we do have diddy homes over here! lol! a few of them are cute, however others are so tiny and the rent is terrible! lol!

Daisy Mariposa 4 years in the past from Orange County (Southern California)


I’ve traveled to England from the US greater than a dozen instances, but I don’t assume I’ve ever visited any of those tiny houses. Thanks for the tour.

AuthorNell Rose four years in the past from England

Hi Wiccan, lol! you’d love it, thanks for reading, nell

Mackenzie Sage Wright four years ago

OMG these are so freaking cute, I want to go on a European small building tour now.

Hello Martie, lol! sure the toilet! never considered that! haha! critically I have seen a television program about south africa and the issues of some such locations closing down, and making an attempt to re open them and many others, hopefully considered one of as of late individuals will think earlier than they do one thing that actually actually results different peoples lives, thanks so much, nell

Martie Coetser 5 years in the past from South Africa

Quay House Conwy Wales is an actual cutie. However where was the bathroom? How did they do ‘it’?

What a shock, Nell, to hear that you are shedding your libraries! Down right here all college libraries were closed by the brand new ANC Authorities in 1994 – it was such a tragedy. However recently they’re re-putting in them !? They have also demolished railways from city to town within the nation – have left solely the primary routes connecting massive cities – and now they’re rebuilding them as a result of the trucks transporting goods are destroying the roads. So yes, what’s considered to be a vibrant thought at a certain time by a certain group of people may be thought-about to be a supreme silly thought in the future.

Very fascinating and endearing hub, voted up, fascinating and superior…. 🙂

Hi previous albion, that’s sounds great! I’d love to go to it seems like such an incredible place, thanks so much for studying, nell

Graham Lee 5 years ago from Lancashire. England.

Hi Nell. One other first class hub. Great analysis shows. Now we have visited the smallest house on the quay at Conwy, it’s incredible. All spherical tremendously fascinating hub.


Hello, Larry, thanks for reading, It is lovely isn’t it? thanks for the link I will check it out.

hello sandra, I believe its as a result of we are a bit of nation! lol! I love all the small buildings, I think you’d love Clovelly in Devon, its like a small road of dolls houses! lol! thanks so much for reading, nell

Sandra Busby 5 years ago from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

NellRose, i beloved your little buildings. One in every of my first memories of going to Britain was how far more to my scale the buildings have been — small hotels, small chairs, and so on. I adored it. Thanks and voted up.

Larry Fields 5 years in the past from Northern California

Hello Nell,

Beloved your hub. Rated up and shared. The photograph at the top reminded me of the prettiest outdated-time firehouse in my country. It’s in close by Auburn, California. Here is a link to the photo.

Hi, molly, lol! by no means considered that! or else he had a nasty stoop! thanks for studying, nell

Mary Pressure 5 years ago from The Shire

Liked this Nell Rose! Are you able to think about a six-ft. fisherman in that tiny home? I am going to wager by the end of that 15 years he was 5 ft tall lol!

Hello, Deborah, I may have to return and take a look, that sounds fascinating, it must be so tiny! thanks a lot for studying, cheers nell

Hello, thoughtforce, thanks so much for reading, I really like the small police station too, nell

Hi, Jools, yes that pub should get packed! lol! it’s possible you’ll even be ready to talk to two different folks! I love the Welsh one, superb, thanks for reading and the share, nell

Deborah Neyens 5 years ago from Iowa

I found this actually attention-grabbing. I always cherished dollhouses (still do) and these buildings aren’t a lot greater than some of the playhouses I had as a toddler. By the best way, the world’s smallest bar allegedly is in Key West, Florida. There’s a picture of it in my Key West hub.

Christina Lornemark 5 years in the past from Sweden

It’s nice with artistic people and individuals who can make use of small building like this! The photographs are fabulous and I am actually glad that this hub showed up on my feed tonight! I also learned that even I can say that I’ve library! The police station is wonderful:) thanks for taking me on a digital tour to all these superb buildings Nell!

Voted up and more!


Jools99 5 years ago from North-East UK

Nell what an attention-grabbing hub. I have never been to any of those places but I am a sucker for quirky locations in the UK so I hope I am going to get a chance to see a few of these sooner or later. The small pubs have to be a nightmare to get served in, especially if they’re additionally tourist haunts! The little house in Cornwall seems to be so quaint. I’d love to go to it, I might fit in ok, I am solely 5′ 2″.

Voted up and shared. Nice hub.

Hi, prairie, thanks a lot, I love all our little houses and buildings, I am looking for out some extra at this time, glad you appreciated it, and thanks!

Sharilee Swaity 5 years in the past from Canada

Nell, what a wonderfully charming hub! I loved your descriptions as much as the images. The story of the Quay Home is hilarious and that i simply love the re-purposing of telephone booths into libraries. Merely brilliant. Thanks for a beautiful learn. I am undoubtedly sharing this one!

Hi, Rolly, thanks as always, hope your having a great weekend? hugs back, nell

Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

Hi Nell… great learn as always, attention-grabbing and informative and I need to tempting to see these little places…

Hugs from Canada

Hello, beth, Yes that sounds about proper! I feel its disgusting that libraries are shutting down, particularly for the older individuals who can’t travel, however thanks a lot for reading it, and those tiny buildings are gorgeous aren’t they?

Beth Perry 5 years ago from Tennesee

Nell, that is one of the fascinating Hubs I’ve come across! Those buildings are completely adorable.

I am sorry to hear of the eagerness to shut down the libraries. This is so tragic. Sounds nearly just like the heads there suppose persons are better off being ignorant.

Voting up, simply cherished this one!

Thanks gramarye, and really nice to see you, nell

gramarye 5 years ago from Adelaide – Australia

Very quirky and fun!

Hello, Hayley, glad you preferred it, I anticipate you, like me, have walked straight previous it before, without realising what it was! thanks for reading, nell

Hello, Deb, I think they can be stolen in my town too! haha! the Nutshell seems to be good although, thanks for studying, cheers nell

Hi, Foilboard, thanks for studying, and I am glad you liked it, cheers nell

Hello, BlissfulWriter, I noticed a small building in a magazine, and thought, Oh Yeah! haha! thanks for reading, cheers nell

Hayley Richardson 5 years ago from London, UK

Love this hub, notably the bit concerning the library. I will keep a glance out for the mini police station next time I am within the west end.

Deb Welch 5 years ago

Nell – Very good Hub. I want to go in the Nutshell. Humorous stuff – the library contents would be stolen within the US – we’ve got mobile library trucks for some people and youngsters – a distinct concept. Fascinating info – UP.

BlissfulWriter 5 years ago

That’s neat. How did you find such research?

Hello, Susan, sure that police station! haha! glad you preferred it, and thanks!

Hi, SMD, what a disgrace! possibly next time? thanks a lot for sharing and the vote, cheers nell

Hello, My Minds, I hope you get to go to certainly one of as of late, let me know while you do and we’ll meet up for espresso! thanks a lot for studying, cheers nell

Hello, tara, yes the library was a great thought, I all the time say we get around the problems! haha! significantly though, the government by no means listens, perhaps they’ll after seeing what folks can do, thanks!

Hi, charm, that is great! hope you might have a beautiful time, cheers nell

AuthorNell Rose 5 years ago from England

Thanks ThelnspiredLife, glad you liked it, nell

My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee

You make my need to go to Great Britain stronger every time I learn certainly one of your hubs Nell.

Nice hub!

tarajeyaram 5 years in the past from Wonderland

The library in the telephone sales space was adorable. We used to have a portable library in a van that used to go to native neighborhoods. That was an fascinating concept. Thanks for sharing your nice hub. People from Britain definitely seem to know how to talk back. That great. Hopefully, the government will take heed to what folks need extra. Voted up.

Michael Kromwyk 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

What an incredible interesting article.

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