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Before he turned the Red Hood, Jason Todd met a grisly fate by the hands of the Joker in the iconic A Loss of life within the Household storyline, together with a horrifying beating with a crowbar. At least now in Injustice 2, Jason can enact some justice (both poetic and bodily) against the clown prince of crime as payback.

Jason has been introduced as the first character coming to the game after launch, becoming a member of Teen Titan Starfire and Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero as part of the first wave of recent fighters. Men’s Desgin black adam injustice Short Sleeve Tops Tees Dressed up in his Red Hood attire, you can see him in action in a brand new trailer below—fighting current successor to the Robin mantle Damian Wayne, Batman, and of course, the Joker himself.

It’s immensely satisfying to see Jason school Joker, and he’s acquired some nifty tips up his ugly christmas shirts for kids sleeve to take action, from a sequence of fancy pistol moves, to grenades and tasers for when he gets up shut. There’s even some surprisingly goofy strikes in there, like the second Jason tries to hearth a ugly christmas shirts for kids pistol, fails, after which simply decides to bounce it off the top of victim for good measure. All in all, he appears to be like like a fun character to play.

In other Injustice news, you can now try and earn gear for the game’s vast customization system based mostly on Diana’s look in the brand new Marvel Woman movie, as part of a particular event.

I’m undecided selling the movie with this model of Diana—who is mainly a bloodthirsty maniacal tyrant who continues to help asshole Superman’s evil regime—is the best thought, but nonetheless, it’s the closest you’ll get to beating the snot of out of Cheetah, Braniac, and different DC characters whereas dressed up as Gal Gadot, which is fairly rattling cool. Injustice 2’s Wonder Lady occasion is accessible now, while the Red Hood is due to arrive as downloadable content some time in June.

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