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The Flash Season three Episode 9

Back to four years in the past, Julian was a scientist in India. When he was younger, he misplaced his sister, and then he heard a voice advised him that if he might discover the philosopher’s stone and the stone might convey back his Wonder_Woman sister. The stone has a sort of magical energy which may carry under armour spiderman shirt long sleeve again someone you misplaced. Julian was so upset about his sister’s demise, so he was assessed with the philosopher’s stone for many years. He went to India to look it using the money he inherited from his mother and father. He was the purpose individual of the crew. For a number of months, he got nothing. One night time, one in all his staff members got here to him and told him that they discovered the stone with pleasure. Julian and his staff members rushed to the cave and found a box stuck within the wall. Julian took the field, feeling that the stone inside. He wasted no time on opening the box, and there was a shiny mild got here out from the box. Julian blacked out. The subsequent second when he woke up he found that he was in a hotel, and the news stated that each one of his members were dead. Julian felt so scary that he came to the USA and turn into Barry’s college. Since then, he felt black out every now and under armour spiderman shirt long sleeve then. Really, every time he was blacked out, he grew to become Alchemy and being controlled by Savitar.

The STAR lab group does some digging about Savitar and Alchemy, and find out Julian is connected to Alchemy. So Barry comes to speak to him. Julian denies that he finds the philosopher’s stone, much more, he warns Barry to maintain his nostril out of this thing.

In the meantime, H.R trains Wally secretly. In reality, Wally can run quicker than Barry. However each of them keep this coaching low profile as a result of they don’t wish to get Joe mad.

Cisco starts seeing his brother now and again, he thinks it is as a result of he misses him very a lot.
Barry goes to earth three to seek out the flash Jay for reply about Savitar. The flash tells Barry that Savitar is the primary speeder, and he turns into the god of emotion after many years. And some rumors say that Savitar is coming from the future and seeks revenge from Barry.

One evening, computer systems in STAR Lab show that there’s a powerful level in central city. They know it’s because Alchemy is rescuing new members from the flash point. Barry and Jay run to the place. Jay goes for Savitar while Barry goes for the stone. After a fight, Barry takes the stone from Alchemy and places it into the field, Savitar disappears immediately, leaving Jay hurt badly. When Barry takes off Alchemy’s mask, it’s shocking for him to seek out that Alchemy is Julian. He puts Julian into prison, but it seems like that Julian knows nothing about Alchemy.

After doing all kinds of assessments, Cisco tells Barry that the field seems like it doesn’t exit. Barry goes on to Julian and asks if he has been blacked out before. Julian requires Barry to take off his mask and he will inform him the answer. Barry takes off his mask. Julian finally confesses that he has several instances of blacking out.

Whereas Cisco is checking the box, his brother shows up again and requires him to open the field under armour spiderman shirt long sleeve then they can stay together. Cisco misses his brother so much that he opens the box. Savitar shows up again. He comes to kill Barry. With Wally’s assist, both of them sustain somewhat longer, but each of their lives are on the line. Caitlin tries to steer Cisco to close the box. Cisco closes the box and saves Barry and Wally.

Cisco makes a machine which can help them discuss to Savitar in the field by Julian’s brain. Julian agrees to do the test. Savitar tells them that he comes from the long run, and he is aware of everybody’s destines, ‘ one betrays you, one falls……’.

Jay proposes that he will help Barry to throw the box into velocity force which is the top of power and power. So Barry and Jay run into the velocity force and attempt to make the box disappear. While they are throwing the box to the velocity force, Barry ends up in the future 5 months from now. Sooner or later, he sees that Savitar kills Iris and the longer term he tries to avoid wasting her however fails. Jay takes him again to time, and tells him that what he sees is one of the possibilities of the longer term and the longer term hasn’t been written but. And he tells Barry that he shouldn’t attempt to mess time up again and ever.

On Christmas, Wally will get his kid flash suit which is a reward from STAR lab. Now he is an official member of the crew.

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