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Action League Checklist (DCU & Batman:Brave & The Bold)

Batman [Batman Inc. version] (TRU exclusive 5-pack)
_ Batman [w/ launcher & helmet (first proven at SDCC 2009)] (Single w/ accessories)
_ Bizarro (2-pack w/ Superman)
_ Black Lightning (2-pack w/ Wildcat)
_ Black Manta [with spear] (2-pack w/ Aquaman, TRU 6-pack)
_ Blue Beetle w/ regular fists (single, Batmobile with Batman [all black], TRU exclusive 5-pack)
_ Blue Beetle w/ gun arms (2-pack w/ Plastic Man, TRU 6-pack)
_ Blue Bowman (2-pack w/ Owlman)
_ Bronze Tiger (2-pack w/ Batman [blue/gray, repaint of DCU wave three])
_ B’wana Beast (2-pack w/ Batman w/ black/crimson grappling gun)
_ Captain Boomerang (2-pack w/ Flash [operating pose])
_ Captain Cold [Flashpoint – Citizen Cold] (2-pack w/ Flash [translucent])
_ Chemo (Chemo box w/ Batman [orange])
_ Clock King (Batmobile box)
_ Cyborg [Flashpoint] (2-pack w/ Element Woman)
_ Deadman (2-pack w/ Martian Manhunter)
_ Deathstorm (2-pack w/ Firestorm)
_ Deathstroke (2-pack w/ Batman [DCU version – black])
_ Dr. Destiny (2-pack w/ Wotan)
_ Dr. Polaris (2-pack w/ Green Lantern [Guy Gardner])
_ Ingredient Woman (2-pack w/ Cyborg [Flashpoint])
_ Etrigan (2-pack w/ Batman [Darkish Knight])
_ Firestorm (2-pack w/ Deathstorm)
_ Flash [operating pose] (2-pack w/ Captain Boomerang)
_ Flash [standing pose] (2-pack w/ Professor Zoom)
_ Flash [translucent] (2-pack w/ Captain Cold [Flashpoint – Citizen Cold])
_ Gentlemen Ghost – white with glow at nighttime (Ghost Horse field)
_ Gentlemen Ghost – translucent (TRU 6-pack)
_ Gentlemen Ghost’s Ghost Horse (Ghost Horse field)
_ Gomulus construct [2-pack w/ Larfleeze]
_ Gorilla Grodd (deluxe 2-pack w/ Batman [black w/ green gloves])
_ Green Arrow (single, 2-pack w/ Sportsmaster)
_ Green Arrow [modern] (2-pack w/ Prometheus)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Abin walking dead t shirts canada job Sur – movie version] (movie 3-pack w/ Hal & Tomar-Re)
_ Green Lantern [Green Man – film version] (film 3-pack w/ Hal & Sinestro)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Man Gardner] (2-pack w/ Dr. Polaris, Walmart unique comedian 3-pack)
_ Green Lantern [Hal Jordan] (2-pack w/ Sinestro [White Lantern], Walmart unique comedian three-pack, Single w/ cannon construct)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Hal Jordan – Green/Blue] (2-pack w/ Saint Walker)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Hal Jordan – Max Charge] (Walmart unique comic 3-pack)
_ Green Lantern [Hal Jordan – Energy burst on chest] (Walmart exclusive comic 3-pack)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Hal Jordan – movie version] (was in all three film 3-packs)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [John Stewart] (2-pack w/ Atrocitus, Walmart exclusive comic three-pack)
_ Green Lantern [Kilowog] (2-pack w/ Zilius Zox, Walmart unique comedian three-pack)
_ Green Lantern [Kilowog – film version] (film 3-pack w/ Hal & Krona)
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Tomar Re] (2-pack w/ Low, Walmart unique comedian three-pack)
_ Green Lantern [Tomar-Re – film version] (film 3-pack w/ Hal & Abin Sur)
_ Joker (2-pack w/ Batman)
_ Joker [new DCU model] (2-pack w/ Batman [new DCU model, trendy costume])
_ Kanjar Ro (2-pack w/ Batman w/ rocket wings, TRU 6-pack)
_ Krona [movie version – fallen Guardian] (film 3-pack w/ Hal & Kilowog)
_ Larfleeze [2-pack w/ Gomulus construct]
_ Low (2-pack w/ Inexperienced Lantern [Tomar Re])
_ Martian Manhunter (2-pack w/ Deadman)
_ Martian Manhunter [translucent] (TRU unique 5-pack)
_ Ocean Grasp (2-pack w/ Batman w/ mouth piece & brief cape)
_ Owlman (2-pack w/ Blue Bowman)
_ Plastic Man (2-pack w/ Blue Beetle, Single)
_ Plastic Man [as dangle glider] (2-pack w/ Atom [Ray Palmer])
_ Professor Zoom (2-pack w/ Flash [standing pose])
_ Prometheus (2-pack w/ Inexperienced Arrow [fashionable])
_ Pink Twister w/ twister base (2-pack w/ Batman)
_ Rex Mason, The Component Man [Metamorpho] (2-pack w/ Batman w/ batarang)
_ Saint Walker (2-pack w/ Green Lantern [Hal Jordan – Green/Blue])
_ Scarecrow (2-pack w/ Batman w/ batarang)
_ Shazam (TRU exclusive 5-pack)
_ Sinestro [White Lantern] (2-pack w/ Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], Walmart exclusive comic 3-pack)
_ Sinestro [Green Lantern] (Walmart exclusive comic 3-pack)
_ Sinestro [Sinestro Corp] (2-pack w/ Arkillo)
_ Sinestro [Inexperienced Lantern- film model] (film three-pack w/ Hal & Inexperienced Man)
_ Sportsmaster (2-pack w/ Inexperienced Arrow)
_ Superman (2-pack w/ Bizarro, 2-pack w/ Surprise Lady)
_ Superman [Undertaking Superman – Flashpoint] (2-pack w/ Batman [Flashpoint])
_ Prime, The (2-pack w/ Batman [black/gray])
_ Wildcat (2-pack w/ Black Lightning)
_ Surprise Lady (2-pack w/ Superman)
_ Surprise Lady [Flashpoint] (2-pack w/ Aquaman [Flashpoint])
_ Surprise Lady [Straczynski version circa WW #600 (2010)] (TRU unique 5-pack)
_ Wotan (2-pack w/ Dr. Destiny)
_ Zilius Zox (2-pack w/ Green Lantern [Kilowog])

By Collection
Singles (Batman: Brave and the Bold packaging)
First Wave (release walking dead t shirts canada job date unknown, summer season/fall 2009)
_ Atom [Ryan Choi]
_ Batman [punching]
_ Batman w/ batarang
_ Blue Beetle [common fists]
_ Green Arrow

Second Wave (March 2010 at Shopko, fall 2010 at Big Heaps)
_ Aquaman
_ Batman w/ mouth piece & brief cape [Black version]
_ Batman w/ rocket wings [Black version]
_ Plastic Man

Doubles (Batman: Brave and the Bold packaging)
First Wave (July 2009)
_ Aquaman & Black Manta
_ Batman w/ rocket wings & Kanjar Ro
_ Batman & Crimson Tornado w/ tornado base
_ Blue Beetle w/ gun arms & Plastic Man

Second Wave (September 2009)
_ Batman & Rex Mason, The Factor Man [Metamorpho]
_ Batman & B’wana Beast
_ Batman & Ocean Grasp
_ Inexperienced Arrow & Sportsmaster

Third Wave (November 2009)
_ Batman [Darkish Knight] & Etrigan
_ Batman & Joker
_ Batman & The highest
_ Dr Destiny & Wotan
_ Owlman & Blue Bowman

Fourth Wave (February 2010, April 2010 for GL/Dr.P)
_ Batman & Scarecrow
_ Black Lightning & Wildcat
_ Green Lantern [Guy Gardner] & Dr. Polaris

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Doubles (DC Universe packaging)
First Wave (December 2010)
_ Firestorm & Deathstorm
_ Flash & Captain Boomerang
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Hal Jordan] & Sinestro [White Lantern]
_ Superman & Bizarro

Second Wave (February 2011)
_ Batman [new version, modern costume] & Joker [new version]
_ Inexperienced Arrow & Prometheus
_ Green Lantern [John Stewart] & Atrocitus
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Tomar Re] & Low

Third Wave (Could 2011)
_ Batman [DCU model – black] & Deathstroke
_ Superman & Marvel Girl
_ Green Lantern [Hal Jordan – Inexperienced/Blue] & Saint Walker
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Kilowog] & Zilius Zox

Fourth Wave (October 2011)
_ Sinestro [Sinestro Corp] & Arkillo
_ Batman [Blue/grey, repaint of wave 3] & Bronze Tiger
_ Deadman & Martian Manhunter
_ Flash & Professor Zoom

Fifth Wave [Flashpoint theme] (February 2012)
_ Aquaman [Flashpoint] & Wonder Woman [Flashpoint]
_ Flash & Captain Cold [Flashpoint – Citizen Cold]
_ Batman [Flashpoint] & Superman [Venture Superman – Flashpoint]
_ Cyborg [Flashpoint] & Ingredient Woman

Sixth Wave [Singles with accessories] (September 2012, these have been seen at Walmarts, but do not seem to have had a large launch but)
_ Batman [w/ launcher & helmet (first shown at SDCC 2009)]
_ Atom [Ray Palmer] & Plastic Man as dangle glider
_ Inexperienced Lantern [Hal Jordan] w/ assemble
_ Larfleeze w/ Gomulus assemble

Deluxe Containers (Automobiles) – (Batman: Brave and the Bold packaging)
_ Batmobile with Batman [all black] and Clock King (July 2009)
_ Batmobile with Batman [all black] and Blue Beetle [regular fists] (April 2010)
_ Batsub with Batman w/ mouth piece & short cape (July 2009)
_ Batcycle with Batman [black w/blue gloves, helmet, grappling gun] (December 2009)
_ Batcopter with Batman [blue/black] (June 2010)

Deluxe Boxes (oversized characters) – (Batman: Brave and the Bold packaging)
_ Ghost Horse with Gentlemen Ghost and Batman w/ Nth Mental Knuckles (July 2009)
_ Grodd with Batman walking dead t shirts canada job [black w/inexperienced gloves] (December 2009)
_ Chemo with Batman [orange] (June 2010)

Toys-R-Us Unique 6-Pack (July 2009 — Batman: Brave and the Daring packaging)
_ Batman (similar as 2-pack with Pink Twister)
_ Aquaman (identical as 2-pack with Black Manta)
_ Blue Beetle w/ gun arms (same as 2-pack with Plastic Man)
_ Black Manta (same as 2-pack with Aquaman)
_ Kanjar Ro (same as 2-pack with Batman w/ rocket wings)
_ Gentlemen Ghost (translucent, exclusive to 6-pack)

Toys-R-Us Exclusive 5-Pack (August 2012 — DCU packaging)
_ Batman [Batman Inc. version]
_ Blue Beetle [w/ regular fists (offered twice before in Batman Brave Daring line of Action League)]
_ Martian Manhunter [translucent]
_ Shazam
_ Marvel Girl [Straczynski version circa WW #600 (2010)]

Walmart Unique Green Lantern three-Packs (Green Lantern Film Packaging)
Comedian collection (June 2011)
_ Hal Jordan/ Kilowog/ John Stewart (all straight repacks from 2-packs)
_ Hal Jordan [max charge]/ Sinestro [White Lantern]/ Guy Gardner (Sinestro and Guy are repacks from 2-packs)
_ Hal Jordan [energy burst on chest] / Tomar Re / Sinestro [Green Lantern] (Hal & Sinestro new, Tomar Re is repack from 2-pack)

Movie series (release date unknown)
_ Hal Jordan/ Sinestro/ Green Man
_ Hal Jordan/ Kilowog/ Krona [fallen Guardian]
_ Hal Jordan/ Tomar-Re/ Abin Sur

— These six Action League three-packs were planned as exclusives to Walmart. The three comedian-primarily based packs had been launched in June 2011, and the three film-based mostly packs haven’t proven up at Walmart in any sort of extensive launch, however they’ve been accessible on the market by way of some ebay sellers (packaged with the Walmart stickers on them). They may show up at discount stores at some point. Please post in this thread for those who see them at some sort of retail.

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