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The Brain InterActive Construct (or “Brainiac

The Brain InterActive Construct (or “Brainiac,” for short) is a version of the DC Comics villain Brainiac appearing on the WB/CW television series Smallville.

He is played by James Marsters, who also played Spike in the Buffyverse and Piccolo in Dragonball Evolution.

Brainiac was designed lots of of years in the past on the planet Krypton by the scientist Dax-Ur, who fled to Earth after realizing that his creation was able to destroying total worlds. A long time later, through the struggle between the Ruling Council and Common Zod, Jor-El created Brainiac, presumably using Dax-Ur’s abandoned designs, to help the Council battle Zod’s forces. Unfortunately, Zod corrupted Brainiac’s programming, making it his tool in his efforts to subjugate Krypton. Before Krypton exploded, Brainiac was either uploaded into, or took the form of, a black Kryptonian spaceship that also housed Nam-Ek and Aethyr, two of Zod’s loyal soldiers, and escaped.

Eighteen years later, Brainiac got here to Earth through the 2005 meteor shower that struck Smallville, Kansas, crash-touchdown in a discipline. After Nam-Ek and Aethyr had been defeated and despatched to the Phantom Zone by Kal-El/Clark Kent, Brainiac himself emerged from the ship, which had been retrieved by LuthorCorp and saved inside Warehouse 15, and took on a human kind.

Brainiac next appears in “Aqua,” using the identity of Professor Milton Fine, a World History teacher at Central Kansas A&M, where he befriends Clark, one of his students, and persuades him to help him analysis LuthorCorp for an expose he is writing about the corporate’s unethical initiatives.

In “Splinter,” when Clark is uncovered to Silver Kryptonite and becomes extremely paranoid of the folks round him, High quality intervenes just as Clark is strangling Lana Lang in a match of paranoid anger, eradicating the titular splinter from Clark’s physique and claiming that he, like Clark, is a Kryptonian. Later, he visits Clark in his loft and claims he is there to assist Clark turn out to be a real Kryptonian, voicing his unfavourable opinion of humanity, whom he views as untrustworthy (which is ironic, contemplating he himself is manipulating Clark for his own ends). Clark, nevertheless, remains resolute in valuing his human buddies and family. High-quality then returns to the black ship in Warehouse 15, and the episode ends with the revelation that it was he who created the Silver Kryptonite utilizing an bizarre rock and his personal nanites.

In “Solitude,” when Clark’s adoptive mom Martha falls unwell, Tremendous falsely claims to Clark that, again on Krypton, Jor-El was a ruthless dictator who punished anybody who opposed his tyranny by locking them away and infecting them with the identical virus that Martha has contracted. He later tells Clark that the one manner to avoid wasting his mother is to destroy the Fortress of Solitude, which Clark agrees to do. High quality accompanies Clark to the Fortress, the place he offers Clark a black Kryptonian crystal that he earlier retrieved from the black spaceship, and instructs him to insert it into the console. Clark does as instructed, and because the Fortress begins collapsing, Tremendous makes use of a chunk of Inexperienced Kryptonite to weaken Clark earlier than revealing his true nature in addition to his plan to free Zod from the Phantom Zone so he can rebuild Krypton on Earth.

Sure that Clark is just too weakened to cease him, Brainiac turns to greet his master as a portal to the Phantom Zone opens and Zod begins to emerge. Unfortunately for him, Chloe Sullivan arrives and throws the Kryptonite away from Clark, who then removes the black crystal from the console, inflicting the portal to shut and thereby thwarting Brainiac’s plan. Angered, Brainiac expenses at Clark, who grabs and hurls him across the Fortress. He recovers and tremendous-speeds as much as Clark earlier than hitting him with a blast of heat imaginative and prescient, sending him flying and crashing via a pillar. Brainiac then tremendous-speeds as much as Clark and makes an attempt to stab him with the black crystal, however Clark sends him flying throughout the Fortress. He finally ends up impaled on the console’s crystals, and he smiles evilly at Clark before disappearing. His black ship also disappears from Warehouse 15.

In “Hypnotic,” set months after his last appearance, Brainiac is seen in Honduras, where he enters a cabin crammed with people infected with a deadly virus and kills members of a research crew before setting hearth to the cabin with heat imaginative and prescient and tremendous-rushing away with a vial of contaminated blood. Later, he’s confronted by Lex Luthor, who believes him to be an agent working for a secret department of the US authorities. Brainiac falsely explains that he was investigating the meteor shower that hit Smallville and believes Earth to be underneath risk of an alien invasion. In the final act of the episode, Brainiac emerges from the black ship (which relocated to Honduras along with him) and creates duplicates of himself, telling them “We need more samples” before they all go their separate ways at super-pace.

In “Oracle,” it turns out that Brainiac has been accumulating deadly viruses from everywhere in the world so he and Lex might create a vaccine that may supposedly make a human immune to any infectious agent. A duplicate of the Kryptonian supercomputer additionally poses because the not too long ago-deceased Jonathan Kent to try to manipulate Clark into killing Lionel Luthor. He practically succeeds, just for Lionel to level out to Clark that his adoptive father wouldn’t want him to take a life. Clark then hits “Jonathan” with a blast of heat vision and the impostor reveals his true colors. He grabs hold of Clark’s neck and gloats he’s going to carry Earth to its knees with Clark’s help, only for Jor-El to possess Lionel and eradicate the Brainiac duplicate.

Meanwhile, Lex involves the conclusion that Brainiac is without doubt one of the aliens that emerged from the black ship throughout the final meteor shower, and exposes Brainiac to Inexperienced Kryptonite, just for Brainiac, unaffected, to reveal he was solely created by Kryptonians. Brainiac varieties his arm right into a blade and forces Lex to take him to the lab where the viruses are being saved. At the LuthorCorp lab, Brainiac reveals that the vaccine wasn’t meant to be used to guard in opposition to viruses before injecting Lex with it. He then sabotages the lab and departs.

In “Vessel,” Brainiac uses the black ship to abduct Lex from a area, telling Lana that he’s getting ready Lex for a objective he would not reveal. Clark later learns from Jor-El that Lex has been chosen by Brainiac to be Zod’s human vessel, since Zod’s bodily physique was destroyed years in the past to stop him from escaping the Phantom Zone. When Clark arrives on the Luthor Mansion searching for Lex, Brainiac confronts him and reveals he initially supposed for Clark to be Zod’s vessel however Jor-El’s spirit proved too sturdy in him for that to be potential. When Clark refuses to launch Zod, where to buy star wars t shirts online Brainiac unleashes a pc virus that causes worldwide chaos.

Later, when Clark battles a brilliant-powered Lex and hesitates over killing his former good friend with a Kryptonian dagger, Brainiac where to buy star wars t shirts online appears and goads him on. Clark as a substitute hurls the dagger at Brainiac who, as soon as stabbed with the dagger, uses the weapon to open a portal to the Phantom Zone and permit Zod’s essence to own Lex.

Season 6
Within the season opener “Zod,” Jor-El reveals to Martha that Clark utilizing the dagger towards Brainiac eradicated him and all of his duplicates, but in addition broken the Fortress and launched Zod.

Season 7
In “Wrath,” the stays of Brainiac’s onerous drive flip right into a sentient liquid that’s by chance freed during a combat between Clark and a brilliant-powered Lana. In the ultimate act, the liquid inhabits the body of Casey Brock, a LuthorCorp lab technician.

In “Gemini,” Lana and Bizarro (posing as Clark, who’s imprisoned in the Fortress) investigate odd occurrences in Suicide Slum, and she reveals him Casey, who’s in a comatose state and muttering in a language that’s revealed to be a Kryptonian code which Chloe later deciphers as which means that Brainiac is trying to reboot himself.

In “Persona,” Bizarro tracks down Brainiac, who has regained his human type however is severely weakened, pressured to drain hint minerals from individuals and animals. Brainiac scoffs at Bizarro’s desire to remain as Clark ceaselessly, but is coerced into helping the doppelganger, who threatens to imprison him again. Brainiac then tells Bizarro to find his creator Dax-Ur, who’s hiding out on Earth, and instructs him to search out and use Dax-Ur’s shield. Brainiac later takes the form of Lionel and instructs a returned Clark on using Dax-Ur’s shield. As soon as Clark activates the shield, Brainiac picks up the Kryptonian beacon emitted by the system and tracks down his creator, whom he assaults so he can drain the knowledge he must restore and improve himself from the Kryptonian scientist’s thoughts.

In “Veritas,” Brainiac seems to Kara within the Kent barn and tries to gain her allegiance by telling her he can assist her save her people. Kara refuses, and a quick battle ensues between Brainiac, Kara, and Clark. Before flying off, Brainiac tells the two cousins that, if that they had achieved things his approach, nobody else would have gotten harm. Brainiac later assaults Lana on the Isis Basis, sticking probes straight into her mind earlier than departing. He later makes use of her to ship a message to Clark, telling him to satisfy him atop the Every day Planet constructing. Kara and Clark go to satisfy with Brainiac, who appears and reveals what he did to Lana. Brainiac promises to release Lana if Kara accompanies him. Though Kara assents to the deal and she departs with Brainiac, Lana remains unchanged.

In “Apocalypse,” Brainiac has traveled back by time to the year 1986, prior to Krypton’s destruction. He finds baby Kal-El and attempts to kill him (presumably killing Jor-El and Lara earlier than doing so), solely to be stopped by Kara, whom he hits and sends flying a number of toes away. Brainiac insists to Kara that Kal-El will die and that now she’s going to share his destiny. Clark then arrives (having traveled again via time), however Brainiac simply overpowers him and remarks that Clark is powerless on account of Krypton’s crimson sun. He then throws Clark several ft away and kinds his finger into a weapon, only to be impaled by Kara with a bit of Kryptonian crystal. Right before Kara smashes him with a crystal fragment, Brainiac laughs evilly.