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Child Joy For Antwerp Zoo’s Endangered Animal Breeding Program

Antwerp Zoo has introduced on its webpage the start of a Malayan tapir. The pig-like animal, which is definitely extra intently associated to rhinoceroses and horses than pigs, is endangered within the wild and its start, final Saturday morning, was a coup for the zoo’s captive breeding program. All the animals born in the zoo this year might be given names beginning with the letter “I”, so the baby- a young female- has been named “Indira”, meaning “beautiful” in Sanscrit. Her mother, “Signora”, is among the zoo’s females and her father is “Nico”: a 9-yr previous male from Rotterdam Zoo. 14-yr previous Signora has beforehand given start to a daughter, Ganesha, and a son, James.

Not like the adults, that are a plain brown shade with a mild saddle, child tapirs are darkish brown with white stripes and spots, which help to camouflage them from predators, corresponding to tigers, in their native jungle habitat. The creatures, which dwell in Sumatra, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar, have a prehensile snout, like a shortened version of an elephant’s trunk, which they use to achieve and pull plants into their mouths. In the wild, they spend an excellent deal of time in water, feeding on tender plants, cooling off and avoiding predators. Indira, who weighed roughly 5kg at start (adults can weigh as much as 300kg), has spent a lot of her first week sleeping indoors together with her mom.

Tapirs take between three and 5 years to succeed in adulthood and dwell for between 25 and 30 years; there are thought to be only 1,500 to 2,000 in the wild. In an e mail interview, a spokeswoman said that Antwerp zoo is involved in a lot of international breeding applications to help endangered animals, but notably focuses on 8 species, including the bonobo chimpanzee, the golden-headed lion tamarin and the okapi: a relative of the giraffe.

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